The Best Experiences in Marietta, GA

The Best Experiences in Marietta, GA

Marietta, Georgia, is a charming city that offers a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Located just northwest of Atlanta, Marietta provides a variety of experiences that cater to all interests. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or someone who enjoys a vibrant cultural scene, Marietta has something special for you. Here are some of the best experiences you can have in this delightful city.

Historic Marietta Square

At the heart of Marietta is the historic Marietta Square, a bustling hub of activity that combines the past and present beautifully. The Square is surrounded by charming boutiques, a diverse array of restaurants, and vibrant arts venues. The weekly Marietta Farmers Market is a highlight, where you can find fresh produce, local crafts, and live music. The Square is also home to the Glover Park Concert Series, which offers free concerts from April through September.

Marietta Museum of History

For those interested in delving into the city’s rich past, the Marietta Museum of History is a must-visit. Housed in the historic Kennesaw House, the museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of Marietta and Cobb County from the Native American era through the Civil War and into the 20th century. The museum also provides intriguing insights into the local impact of significant national events.

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Nature and history converge at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. This site preserves the battleground of a crucial Civil War battle and offers more than 22 miles of interpretive trails for hiking and horseback riding. The summit of Kennesaw Mountain provides stunning panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline and the surrounding area. The park also hosts a visitors center with exhibits detailing the battle’s history and significance. Know about The Top Parks in Marietta, GA.

The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre

A visit to Marietta wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a performance at the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre. This restored 1935 Art Deco theatre is an architectural gem that hosts a variety of events, including classic films, live music, theatrical productions, and special events. The theatre’s rooftop terrace offers a unique venue with beautiful views of the Square, making it a popular spot for social gatherings and private events.

Gone With the Wind Museum

Fans of Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel and the iconic film adaptation will appreciate the Gone With the Wind Museum, also known as “Scarlett on the Square.” The museum features an extensive collection of memorabilia related to the book and film, including costumes, props, and original scripts. It offers a fascinating look into the creation of one of the most enduring stories of American literature and cinema. Learn more Marietta.

Marietta Fire Museum

For a unique and educational experience, the Marietta Fire Museum is worth a visit. Located within the active Fire Station No. 1, the museum showcases historic firefighting equipment and memorabilia dating back to the 1800s. Visitors can see vintage fire trucks, including a fully restored 1879 Silsby Steamer, and learn about the history and evolution of firefighting techniques.

Brumby Hall and Gardens

Step back in time with a visit to Brumby Hall and Gardens. This historic home, built in 1851, offers a glimpse into antebellum life in the South. The surrounding gardens are meticulously maintained and provide a peaceful retreat with beautiful landscapes, walking paths, and seasonal blooms. Brumby Hall often hosts special events and tours that allow visitors to fully appreciate its historical significance and beauty.

Sope Creek Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts will find much to love about the Sope Creek Trail. This trail is part of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and offers scenic hikes through lush forests, along creeks, and past the ruins of a 19th-century paper mill. The trail is popular for hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife viewing, providing a serene escape from the urban hustle.

Local Dining and Breweries

Marietta’s culinary scene is thriving, with a range of dining options that reflect its diverse community. From Southern comfort food to international cuisines, there’s something to satisfy every palate. For a local experience, visit Marietta’s many breweries, such as Red Hare Brewing Company and Glover Park Brewery, where you can sample craft beers in a friendly, relaxed setting.

Ghosts of Marietta

For those interested in the paranormal, the Ghosts of Marietta walking tours offer a spooky and intriguing way to explore the city. These guided tours delve into Marietta’s haunted history, sharing tales of ghostly encounters and mysterious events. It’s a fun and entertaining way to see the city from a different perspective, especially as the sun sets and the atmosphere becomes eerily enchanting.


Marietta, Georgia, is a city that beautifully blends historical significance with modern-day charm. Its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and vibrant community make it a destination with a variety of unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re visiting for a day or planning a longer stay, Marietta offers a warm welcome and a myriad of activities that will leave you with lasting memories.


  • Marietta Square: Shops, restaurants, and events.
  • Marietta Museum of History: Learn about the city’s past.
  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: Hike and explore history.
  • Strand Theatre: Enjoy movies and live shows.
  • Gone With the Wind Museum: See memorabilia from the famous book and movie.
  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: Hike and enjoy nature.
  • Sope Creek Trail: Walk through forests and see historic ruins.
  • Marietta Square Farmers Market: Shop for fresh produce and crafts.
  • Brumby Hall and Gardens: Stroll through beautiful gardens.
  • Marietta Museum of History: Exhibits from different time periods.
  • Gone With the Wind Museum: Focuses on the book and film.
  • Marietta Fire Museum: Historic firefighting equipment.
  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: Learn about a Civil War battle.
  • Marietta Square: Family events and a playground.
  • Marietta Fire Museum: See old fire trucks.
  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: Kid-friendly hiking.
  • Ghosts of Marietta Tours: Fun, spooky ghost tours.
  • Southern Comfort Food: Try Marietta Diner.
  • International Cuisine: Various options around Marietta Square.
  • Breweries: Visit Red Hare Brewing Company and Glover Park Brewery.
  • Farmers Market: Fresh food vendors every Saturday.