About United Tree Pro Service LLC

Welcome to United Tree Pro Service, where we are not just in the business of trimming branches – we are about cultivating green dreams in Marietta, GA! From 24/7 emergency removals to expert land clearing, our crew knows exactly the solutions you need. Trust us to branch out and turn your green dreams into reality!

In the leafy heart of Marietta, our tree services are more than just a job – they are a passion. Our team of ISA-certified arborists swings into action, connecting with the community’s green needs. We have got our roots deep in Marietta’s soil, branching out to cater to every green whim. It’s not just business – it’s a tree-mendous commitment to keeping Marietta flourishing.

Below, you will find the best tree services we offer in Marietta, GA

  • Land Clearing

In case your tree needs do not fit in these options, feel free to reach out to us! We are more than just certified arborists and aspire to help the community’s tree needs in the ways we can.

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Why Choose United Tree Pro Service?

If you are yet to catch on, United Tree Pro Service in Marietta has a much bigger picture than just taking care of your green needs – we are about forging lasting bonds with our community. Our goal is to elevate the standards in this industry and reach heights that are yet to be touched. So, expect us to go beyond the basics, ensuring your trees flourish with every trim and grind.
Furthermore, United Tree Pro Service is all about giving you the green without making your wallet feel blue. Our 24-hour services deliver quality without breaking the bank. So kick back and relax without worrying because our safety-first tree surgeons ensure a job well done with zero hiccups!